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Partners for 17 years are refused to be married.

In one of the greatest landmark decisions of the Supreme Court in the 21st century, marriage is finally legal for members of the same-sex in the United States. Unless you live in Morehead, Kentucky and Kim Davis is your County Clerk. Here is an awful video of the happy couple  being turned away at the licensing counter (read: now, the unhappy couple). Courtesy of Gawker. 

I really can’t recall the last time I was seething this much. It might have been when one of the kids pooped in the bathtub, or the time I was bitten by a rabid dog (that didn’t actually happen) or the other time one of the kids drew sharpie marker all over their baby brother… NOPE.

Listen, everyone deserves to be married and miserable, just like us straight folks. (That was a joke, but it’s only because it’s true.)

I have never been this pissed off. Because if same-sex couples want to have the legal ability to be married. And the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES agrees. Then I agree. Then the Kentucky clerk In Rowan County: Kim Davis, needs to agree. Or quit her job.

I agree so much and so hard, that David Moore and his fiance should hit me up. I’d love to invite you and your husband down to South West Florida for a barbecue with my family. Weddings should be a time of joy and celebration and I’m embarrassed and sad at the reception you’ve received in your hometown in Kentucky.



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