You again?

Back in High School, you never gave me the time of day,

That is fine, actually, better than okay,

I moved, and found myself very far away,

I barely remember you.

When I received your first friend request I was in a giving mood,

The sun shined on a dog’s ass that day, my kids ate all their food,

And the world was pretty good,


You entered into my circle, our in-common was the past,

But then I saw the drivel you post,

Wasting my time, wasting your time,

How long would this shit last?


Anger and violence, bitterness and revolt, was all your timeline showed,

Conspiracy theories, ridiculous videos, pictures of scantily clad hoes,

You were relentless and argumentative, condescending and strange,

So I hit the unfriend button and went on with my day.

Virtual freedom.

Hours passed, then days, then months, maybe a year.

Hadn’t even thought of you, your ranting and your fears.

Then today, the pop up came… “you have a new friend request,”

I looked up, and saw your name,

And laughed my fucking ass off as I hit decline.

Peace out.

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26 Thoughts on “Ode to the High School Acquaintance I’ve Already Unfriended On Facebook who Keeps Friend Requesting me

  1. LoL truth! Wendy West Huntley must be something in the air!…. & if u aren’t already following the outnumbered mother, u should 🙂

  2. Wait, you don’t want to buy body wraps, Shakeology, Mary Kay, nail wraps, Avon AND Tupperware? ….T F?!?!

  3. If only you could shut off the damn suggested friends banner. I have accidentally clicked that before!!

  4. You are hilarious. Glad I am not defriended!

  5. If you click you don’t know them they can’t try anymore 😀

  6. I had a lady friend request me that verbally bullied and teased my brother all through school. I told her off and she claimed that she didn’t remember. Right!

  7. Is it that SAME person again? LOL LOL LOL.

  8. I am going to borrow this, thanks in advance ????

  9. Lynn – you have a few of these

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