What happens if you don’t see “The Force Awakens” on opening day? The Millennium Falcon will find you, and attempt to eat you. I guess.

I am a Star Wars nerd. I’ve been living as a normal human being for over 32 years. Crushing on a young Han Solo, dressing up as Princess Leia for umpteenth Halloween costumes. Involving my children in the watching of all the movies, wearing of all the clothes, riding on all the rides and coveting all the gear for the upcoming Christmas season.

You should see the shit we’re wrapping right now. Kylo Ren dolls that are almost as big as my toddler. The merchandising on this movie is insane. Spaceballs was right. They do have Star Wars toilet paper.

All these things considered I would be unable to view the latest Star Wars movie on opening day. The baby is too young to go to the movies and attempting to find a sitter just seemed like a waste of time.

I. Am. An. Adult.

Adults have to often do adult things as opposed to fun things. Putting on my big girl panties and acting grown is what I do. I broke it gently to my sons that we would have to wait until next weekend when Dad could watch the baby. They were fine with it.

Conversely, my younger brother opted to buy opening day Star Wars tickets to attend with his son. They are a huge movie family, so I get it, I really do. He bought these tickets 2 months in advance at one of the nicest theaters in this town. Reserved seating, the comfiest leather chairs, shit, that place has a bar. So imagine his surprise when he checked the tickets on the morning of the showing to discover that he hadn’t booked his tickets for the correct theater – the one in our town – but instead for the sister theater, located in Fort Lauderdale, close to 2 hours away by car.

Here’s the kicker. After checking his options; refunded tickets or free passes to another show at a later time in the week, my brother, instead chose to drive to the far away theatre rather than let down his son.

A 3-hour drive round-trip, to watch a 2 1/2 hour movie on opening day, rather than waiting a week… OH HELL NAW!

My first thought, “My brother has lost his mind.” My second thought, “I’m going to ridicule him forever for this.”

Of course, I did what any big sister would do, I promptly called his ass and began all the teasing at that exact moment. The words mental hospital and straightjacket might have been chucked around. And then he quickly explained to me that he didn’t want to disappoint his son and that life is all about making moments and memories.

Okay, fine. I get that, I don’t “like” disappointing my kids but sometimes shit is just disappointing. It. Just. Is. And couldn’t you wait 7 days to have the memory making moment? Couldn’t you just say, “Sorry kid, my bad. I screwed up.” and move on from there? I mean, we go to movies to be entertained, right? Getting home at 2 AM when your kid has school the next day and you have to work is my idea of a freakish pain in the ass. I wouldn’t do it.

Now the question won’t stop running through my head… is my brother crazy or am I just a shitty parent?





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